Finally, last night we had the mother of all thunderstorms and hours of rain, after 6 weeks of not one drop. Great for the garden, my orchard and the
Took this lovely photo in pecharmant (near Bergerac) where our favourite wine is grown and turned it into an ad for my book, How to Live the Good Life
One of the tastiest varieties of mushrooms to search for, is the cep also known as the porcini, penny bun or it's scientific name Boletus edulis. Rec
Yes, its getting to that time of year when the 'C' word gets mentioned. The Marche de Noel starts in medieval Sarlat on the 4th December 2019. This
Finally! A bit of luck after being directed where and when to pick. This little basket will be checked at the pharmacy, but I'm reliably told I'll b
Lots of eating, drinking, laughing and dancing went on till very late.
I have some recollection of the early part of this evening where a fantastic band (have no clue of the name) entertained many people sat inside and ou
We have just finished harvesting the walnuts from our trees and are drying them in the autumn sunshine.  Perfect for eating with cheese or pate and w