Coronavirus update

At this time we have no outbreak of Coronavirus, but are watching the situation very closely. The French and British governments have imposed travel restrictions at this time. We understand that guests and prospective guests are nervous and would advise common sense and to take heed of the FCO announcements. We are not taking new bookings for 2020 at this time.

If you purchased travel insurance prior to the declaration of a pandemic you should be covered in the event of being unable to travel Similarly, if you paid for your flights or ferry via credit card check the details.

Most transport companies are offering to move travel dates and we too are offering to roll over your deposit for the same dates (at the same price) for 2021. We are a small business and sadly are struggling, but we will get through this. If you wish to MOVE your dates please message me. If you wish to cancel, you will lose your non-returnable deposit as per the terms & conditions you accepted when booking.

We have no crystal ball, but France is doing its utmost to protect communities here and we hopefully may be clear of Covid 19 by June. If your balance is due please be aware that we are now allowing balances to be paid a week before arrival. Please MESSAGE US.

Finally, thank you to all guests who have been in touch – we are fine! And of course, we are being safe. We wish you the best through this unpleasant time.

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