basket full of cepes at Gite le Bois Vert

Hunting the cep

One of the tastiest varieties of mushrooms to search for, is the cep also known as the porcini, penny bun or it’s scientific name Boletus edulis.

Recent weeks have seen me scouring our local woods in Meyrals for ceps as our own woods at Gite Le Bois Vert apparently do not contain the right trees. The fungus grows in deciduous and coniferous forests and the best trees to search around are chestnuts, beech and oaks.

If you’re looking for an autumn break in Dordogne, try fungi foraging at Le Bois Vert . The best time for forays is from September through till the end of October, after some rain and before the first frost. 

It’s a great excuse for a beautiful walk and a chance to see the many red and roe deer and red squirrels in this area.  If I can also find a few cep then that’s a bonus.  

My eyes are searching for young specimens, with a nice brown cap, solid white underneath and a firm stem ending in a white foot.  I’ve learned to only pick one species and to collect in a shallow trug or basket.  I then take these to the pharmacy who will check they are indeed edible, then it’s back home to fry with some garlic and bacon and make a delicious breakfast or supper. 

Cep or Penny Bun mushroom

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